Gangsters and Hooch: Prohibition in Detroit

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Gangsters and Hooch: Prohibition in Detroit

When the United States went dry, in 1920, Michigan had already had a head start. In fact, it had a three-year start.

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The 18th amendment still changed the face of Detroit, and its neighbor Hamtramck. Although the two cities voted against the Damon Act of 1916, the rest of Michigan was ready to say goodbye to booze and hello to their spouses spending more time away from the bars. See how the prohibition gave birth to one of America’s most violent and feared gang and how it changed the Boomtown of the 20’s. Some of the stops include:

  • Aniwa Club
  • Venice Club
  • Belle Isle
  • Rivertown District
  • Purple Gang locations
  • A prohibition era bar (location varies each week)
  • A prohibition style bar (location varies each week)

We will be driving through Detroit and Hamtramck, revisiting areas of former speakeasies and lookouts. Our three-hour tour also includes two bar visits along the way. One, a prohibition era bar, and the other a prohibition style. Drinks will not be included in the price, but you will have time to purchase some at both.

So, come and join us as we relive one of Detroit’s most notorious eras. All in an authentic Ford Model A! Costume is not required, but it is encouraged.