Antique Car Tour of Historic Belle Isle

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Explore the history of Belle Isle Park

From its early days of steam ships, bicycles and canoodling to Edwardian monuments, museums, and bridges.

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Our signature tour of Detroit’s “jewel.”

Explore Belle Isle Park with stories of steam ships, bicycles and canoodling while you explore Edwardian monuments, museums and bridges.  You will discover misplaced menageries, a tale of two lighthouses and larger-than-life historic characters on Belle Isle where Detroiters share sunshine and summertime with the ghosts of seasons past.


This private two-hour tour begins at the Antique Touring Company garage, 461 Piquette Avenue, under the Ford Piquette Avenue Plant and venture to Belle Isle in a Model A Ford.  Just over the MacArthur Bridge the first of many long-forgotten secrets of Belle Isle is tucked along the banks of the canal. Traveling counterclockwise around the island, its celebrated monuments and architecture leap to life between the boundaries of imagination and memory. Along the way you will find out why Detroit built a world-class fountain named for a chap known as “The Meanest Man in Town,” and the identity of a graceful lady who gifted the City of Detroit the world’s largest orchid collection. Learn why there is an elephant buried on the island, where the booze was stashed during prohibition, when the island’s first lighthouse was forever extinguished, and much more.  Tours available Wednesday through Sunday four times daily.  Monday appointments can be arranged at 313-333-5833.