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Antique Touring Company Cars

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The car above is called Jupiter. He is a 1930 Ford Model A Phaeton, meaning “open car.” Jupiter was the first Antique Touring Company car back in 2018. He is in our most popular car and in the summer is driven daily, so a lot of people in the city know it’s us when they see him. He is an exceptionally reliable car for his age and we treat him well so as to keep him that way. Jupe has a rag top in case of rain or too much sun and up to four people plus the driver can fit in the car.

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This is Jack, he is a 1931 Ford Model A Slant Window Deluxe Town Sedan with suicide doors. People think he is a “mobster car” because the 31 Town Sedan uses essentially the same body as Ford’s 1932 V8 Model B, which was popular with whiskey runners because it was the fastest car that year. Also, suicide doors are the type they have in most mobster movies. Jack is driven a little less in the summer and a little more in the spring and fall, however, he operates like a dream and is perfect for speakeasy pictures. Jack also seats up to four plus the driver.

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Our newest car is Josephine Baker. We bought her last fall at auction. She is being fitted with a 12 volt electrical system this month and will be ready to tour in May. Josie is a 1929 Ford Model A Woody Station Wagon and seats up to six people on tour plus the driver. We are fitting her with two back-seat horns so people can honk the ahooga horn themselves when pedestrians wave to us from the street. You would be surprised how difficult it is to shift-turn-talk and hit the horn for people on the street all at the same time. The problem is now solved; our guests can honk the horn themselves this year. Josie will also have a wolf-call horn available to the back seat “drivers,” just in case guests are feeling a little wild.