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The Cherry Blossom Tour

Roll Up In A Piece of History
as you tour the 2019 cherry blossoms in an antique Model A Ford. Our one-hour excursions stop at two or three monuments of your choice along the Tidal Basin.

You can choose the Jefferson, Roosevelt, King or Lincoln Memorials as well as memorial tributes to the soldiers of the Korean War, the Vietnam War or World War II. Quality digital photos of your party in the Model A are included.
The Cherry Blossom Tour operates daily from March 17th through April 14th 2019.

Tour of Historic Belle Isle

Our signature tour of Detroit’s “jewel,”
Historic Belle Isle, is back by popular request beginning June 15th. This beloved tour explores 140 years of Belle Isle Park, from the early days of steam ships, bicycles and canoodling to Edwardian era monuments, museums, bridges and buildings. From timeless beaches and fallen menageries to extinguished light-houses and larger than life historic characters, Belle Isle is a destination where we, the living, share a celebration of sun and summertime with the ghosts of seasons past.

The tour of Historic Belle Isle runs from June 15th through October 31st, 2019.

From Tinkers to Titans in the Auto Age

Explore the “coming of age” story of the automobile
during the first decades of the 20th Century from the vantage point of Detroit’s Woodward Corridor. Beginning in a forgotten industrial district called Milwaukee Junction, Tinkers to Titans visits the seminal roots of iconic car companies such as Ford, Studebaker, EMF, Packard, Nash, Brush, Dodge, and Anderson Detroit Electric. From the Junction, the tour travels north to Highland Park where Ford Motor Company built the first automated assembly line. The tour wraps in the upscale neighborhood of Boston Edison where the early auto titans built their first mansions over 100 years ago.

From Tinkers to Titans is available from May 1 through October 31st, 2019.

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Special Event and Festival Tours

Celebrating Detroit with You

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Your Perfect Day In A Model A

Celebrating You in Detroit


461 Piquette Avenue Detroit, Michigan 48202 in the historic Ford Piquette Avenue Plant


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