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Antique Touring Company provides tours of historic Detroit and other national heritage areas using antique automobiles. Our fleet of two Model A Fords can accommodate up to eight individuals. This year we are offering two tours that we know you will be writing home about!

Our company is back this year with our signature tour, which debuted last summer: Historic Belle Isle!  This experience received outstanding reviews on Trip Advisor and Facebook, putting smiles on hundreds of faces last summer as we motored along the Boulevard and around the island park. This year Antique Touring Company is featuring a new tour entitled Tinkerers to Titans in the Auto Age, which we are pleased to announce is sponsored by Motor Cities National Heritage Area.   The tour explores early auto history in Milwaukee Junction, visits pivotal production facilities along Woodward and Grand Boulevard and takes in the splendor of local estates and office buildings that were built by early auto Titans.  Both tours are approximately two hours long and are available six days a week, four times per day through November 3rd.  



At Antique Touring we believe it lives as an aspect of collective identity within the cultures and attitudes of people, in the stories that we tell about ourselves and in the organizing structures of our lives. It is, therefore, possible to actively engage the past, to perceive stories that have never been told, to love people we have never met, to celebrate great moments as our own…
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Antique Touring Company's garage is located at 461 Piquette Avenue in the light industrial district of Detroit known as Milwaukee Junction.  At the beginning of the 20th Century, this annexed acreage where two railroads join became the “cradle of the auto industry.” The Antique Touring Company garage operates in the Ford Piquette Avenue Plant, a historic National Landmark and the first factory (1904) built by the fledgeling Ford Motor Company. Unless otherwise arranged, all of our tours leave from our garage location. 
Tours are currently delivered in Model A Fords, each accommodating two to four people. Our operating fleet includes a 1930 Phaeton (convertible) and a a 1931 Town Sedan (hard top), both four door vehicles with newly rebuilt engines. Head sets are utilized to allow participants to hear their chauffeur-guides over the sound of the engine and traffic noise.


461 Piquette Avenue Detroit, Michigan 48202 In the historic Ford Piquette Avenue Plant


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Sponsored by Motor Cities National Heritage Area
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