Regrettably, Antique Touring Company will be closed for the 2020 touring season due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on Detroit's travel and tourism industry. We plan to reopen in our Piquette Avenue location on Friday, April 16, 2021.

If you are interested in booking wedding transportation for 2021, we are taking reservations in advance. Give us a ring at 313-333-5833, we still answer the phone!

This summer we will be posting free short video tours of historic Detroit locations, which you can access on our new blog page. You can check it out any time after June 15th at, or sign up now to have the tours sent to your in-box. We hope to visit 10 local historic locations throughout the summer.

If you have a gift card or have already booked a tour for this year we are offering refunds. All gift cards and reservations not requested for refund will be honored/ rescheduled in 2021. Call us at 313-333-5833 to process your refund or reschedule your tour.
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About Antique Touring Company

Antique Touring Company provides tours of historic Detroit using antique automobiles. Our fleet of two Model A Fords can accommodate up to eight individuals. We are excited to offer three curated tours in 2020, each of them showcasing a unique facet of Detroit's Golden Age.

Our signature Tour of Historic Belle Isle, captures the essence of summer in a simpler time.  A public park since 1880, its magnificent buildings and beautiful landscape reveal stories of the arts and leisure activities enjoyed by Victorian and Edwardian era Detroiters.  A not to be missed experience, the Tour of Historic Belle Isle is a tale of steam ferries and canoodling, of ragtime concerts, light houses, elephants, beaches, whiskeyboats and the most curious fountain ever built this side of the Atlantic.   

Our most popular tour to date, The Motor Cities Heritage Tour: From Tinkerers to Titans in the Auto Age, will be available once again for the 2020 season.   The tour explores early automobile history in Milwaukee Junction, visits pivotal production facilities along Woodward Avenue and East Grand Boulevard and finally takes in the splendor of local estates and office buildings built by early auto Titans.  This 2.5 hour narrative weaves together story threads of various individuals and auto companies, revealing the inventions and interconnections that precipitated an early 20th Century sea-change in transportation and manufacturing the world over. 

In May Antique Touring Company will debut our new tour for 2020, Estates of the Gilded Age.  The only things more fascinating than the architecture of Detroit's urban mansions are the lives of the men and women for whom they were built.  This tour, while in the research phase as of this writing, will feature the homes and historical figures of Boston Edison and Indian Village.  Return to our website in April for more details!

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On your wedding day, you deserve the best.  Let Antique Touring Company chauffeur you in vintage style to your ceremony and reception.  To schedule your perfect day call us at 313-333-5833.  We are also available to drive you in safety and style for your bachelor or bachelorette night on the town in Detroit.  
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Antique Touring Company's garage is located at 461 Piquette Avenue in the light industrial district of Detroit known as Milwaukee Junction.  At the beginning of the 20th Century, this annexed acreage where railroads join became the “cradle of the auto industry.” The Antique Touring Company operates out of the old Ford Piquette Avenue Plant, now a historic National Landmark. Unless otherwise arranged, all of our tours leave from our garage. Tours are delivered in Model A Fords, each accommodating one to four passengers. Our fleet includes a 1930 Phaeton (convertible) and a a 1931 Town Sedan (hard top).  Both are four door vehicles with newly rebuilt Model A engines.  
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461 Piquette Avenue Detroit, Michigan 48202 In the historic Ford Piquette Avenue Plant


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